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Ovejas Pago Los Vivales

We can guarantee the traceability of our product. This means we have full control over the whole process, from the production of feeds for our animals, breeding of our livestock, the milking process and the manufacture of the final product, our cheese.


The control and standardisation of the whole process means our product is uniform throughout the whole year. Our cheeses come in 3.2 kg and 1.2 kg packs.

Why do we use raw sheep milk? Since we have control over the entire breeding, feeding and production process, we can guarantee the quality of our milk without resorting to pasteurisation, maintaining all the original qualities of the best milk.

The cheese has a thin rind and a melting texture paste and aromatic and clean flavor and is curing in our maturing room, where it is kept at just the right temperature and humidity to ensure it will be ready for sale at the end of the process as an excellent quality cheese.

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